The Children’s Activities Association – doing the checks so you don’t have to!

The CAA is a not-for-profit association promoting excellence and raising standards across children’s activities, clubs and classes. As parents we spend considerable amounts of time and money at organised activities for our little ones, we make great friends, watch our children develop, learn new skills and have LOTS of fun. But how do you know… Read More

Why judging at the mumandworking awards is such an honour

I am not a stranger to the mumandworking awards, having been involved as judge and media partner for a few years now, but I must declare that the 2015 mumandworking awards is the best to date. This year the team at mumandworking have gone beyond excellent, as the 2015 Awards ceremony, hosted at the RBS… Read More

Children’s Activities Association is coming!

Do you want peace of mind when you choose your child’s activities?! Well help is at hand with a new high-profile expert association! The Children’s Activities Association… As every parent and carer knows, clubs, classes and activities for little ones can be a god-send!  They have fun, develop their skills – social and physical, you… Read More