Children’s favourite holiday destinations

Would you let your children choose your next holiday destination? Children often have a strong grasp of where they would like to go, and you may be surprised that the ideas are pretty awesome… A survey* by has revealed children’s favourite holiday destinations – direct from kids themselves – to give some inspiration to parents… Read More

Review : Arriving in North Wales and The Old Mill Farm House

Excited about our hectic, full on adventure weekend we head off to review The Old Mill Farm House in North Wales. Our journey to North Wales was a very pleasant 4 hours from home. We were heading to our first adventure at Trawsfynydd Lake Centre, but first I would like to tell you about where… Read More

Review : Kayaking at Trawsfynydd Lake Centre

Would you believe it when we arrived at Trawsfynydd Lake Centre it started raining! Come on this really is not on… we had ordered a clear blue sky and sunshine day, but sadly not to be…. how lucky were we to then get such lovely, sunny and bright people to greet us and show us… Read More