The secrect conspiracy of pregnancy

It is often said by women after having a baby that there was a “secret conspiracy” by other women who have had children for not sharing what is it really like to have a newborn baby. Perhaps there is a bit of truth in this statement.  Every woman, her pregnancy and experience will have common… Read More

Can we break the taboo that is female incontinence?

Not one of the easiest topics to talk about, but one that perhaps needs to be faced head on so that the “taboo” of female incontinence is challenged and conquered. For many women, in fact 1 in 5, suffer from adult incontinence, often dealing with bladder sensitivity in silence.  In fact, women are no longer… Read More

Experts help you take care of your sensitive bladder

Top tips for taking care of your sensitive bladder from Campaign Ambassador and GP Dr Sarah Jarvis, Body Control Pilates founder, Lynne Robinson and Style Expert and That’s Not My Age founder, Alyson Walsh. Always Discreet for sensitive bladder believes that every woman should be able to live the age they feel inside with nothing… Read More