LEGO® DUPLO® – World of Play Event

In 2014 I managed the project for LEGO® DUPLO® to put on a World of Play Event.



Pre-school brand, LEGO® DUPLO®, launched a partnership with GLAM Media, a leading vertical social media company and a must go-to destination in the UK for all mums online.  The LEGO DUPLO ‘World of Play’ event was held at LEGOLAND Windsor on 28th March where independent, GLAM Media parenting bloggers and babyworld competition winners were invited to enjoy a day of imaginative play with their pre-schoolers – bringing to life the LEGO DUPLO experience.

Hosted by Debbie Bird, editor of site, owned by GLAM Media, the event captured on film all that bloggers and their children love about LEGO DUPLO.  Taking a cue from the LEGO DUPLO playset themes, children and parents were offered an opportunity to build the highest tower, look after the farm, count with the Number Train and so on, generally experiencing first-hand the LEGO DUPLO ‘World of Play’.  Experiential agency, A Little Bird, developed a projector screen that allows children to see their LEGO DUPLO creations come to life as a shadow on an interactive screen.  The technology behind the screen recognises the shadow cast from the child’s build and transforms it into a 3D version with a short accompanying video clip.

The influential blogger attendees were also asked to provide their feedback on the day via their blogs and social media channels.  In addition, to reach a wider audience of parents, the essence of the day was captured on short videos which will be embedded across the GLAM Media vertical network, providing content, blog posts and other product information via expandable MPU hubs and video re-skins.

The event marked the start of the LEGO DUPLO World of Play Tour, which will be travelling around the UK this summer, giving toddlers the opportunity to get hands on with LEGO DUPLO.

Genelle Holton, Brand Manager, LEGO DUPLO, comments on the partnership,

‘We are focused on recruitment to the LEGO DUPLO brand. The digital partnership with GLAM Media allows LEGO DUPLO to leverage the association of a trusted brand and tap into first time mums online consumption time. The GLAM network offers massive audience reach and an opportunity to take this engagement further by bringing the world of LEGO DUPLO to life through highly influential mummy bloggers, content creation and video.’

And Debbie Bird, editor of further adds

‘The LEGO DUPLO “World of Play Event” was a great success.  With over 100 people at the event, and some amazing 18month-3 year olds, we set about playing and creating with LEGO DUPLO.  Building towers, creating ice creams and firing canons from the pirate ships, the children enjoyed using their imaginations to create and bring to life their bricks.  I met some amazing mummy bloggers, who loved sharing their views on LEGO DUPLO; how they loved the quality, colours and the creative sets which helped them play and encourage their children to learn.  A fantastic day, full of fun, giggles and excitement and some very sleepy heads headed home afterwards with their “Pink Batman” and Princess faces.’

The LEGO DUPLO/Glam Media partnership ran until mid-June 2014

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