Oh the joy! Let us remind you it is Blue Monday

As if Monday’s are not depressing enough, here we are with Blue Monday – allegedly the most the depressing day of the year… well we might as well call it Blue Monday, as good at title as anything else I suppose. But is it really because you have got over half way into the month… Read More

Mumandworking Awards 2018

It is not long now before the 2018 Mumandworking Awards and Academy will be here! Another year to celebrate flexible working and support and recognise business people in the amazing job they do, everyday! You too can be a part of the mumandworking awards and academy 2018! Join  in with media partner Key Women in Business… Read More

The most depressing day of the year!

‘Blue Monday’ is believed to be the most depressing day of the year according to calculations by psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall . Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of January and has been awarded the gloomy title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills.… Read More

New Year, New Job – confidence tips to get you back to work

Going back into the job market can be a very scary experience for both men and women. Some people can lose their confidence after a bad experience, or just find it very daunting making the change to new career. Janice Haddon, Managing Director of Morgan Redwood, reveals her professional top tips on how to gain… Read More

Create a winter wonderland for wildlife

Winter has arrived! and some of our forest friends will be getting prepared for the cold months ahead. Winter can be a testing time for nature, so as autumn draws and winter arrives, many animals are busy readying themselves for the cold months ahead. You and your family can also take some simple steps to help… Read More

Christmas titbits that are toxic treats

Christmas means indulging in our favourite festive foods. During the party season the majority of us tuck into a traditional meal of turkey, Christmas pudding and snack on chocolate, Christmas cake and mince pies, whilst enjoying a tipple or two! Pet owners, naturally like to share the spirit and treat their pets to a few… Read More

Awards that celebrate the success of children’s activities across the UK.

We know how important it is to inspire children into finding activities, especially when they enjoy them so much, and that is why it is always a delight to be a part of the What’s On 4 Awards where over 200 people were able to enjoy, celebrate and network. Read More