When did recruiting become so unkind

work-unkindAre you looking for your next career move?  I was, and I’ve had enough of automated, don’t really care about you, non-personal responses from companies and recruitment agencies.

  • I totally understand that you may have 1000’s of applicants for a single job.
  • I understand that you cannot possibly read every CV
  • I understand that people apply for jobs that they are over or under-qualified
  • I know there may be a lot of reasons that you will reject my application, but I also know that I am a human being, not an automated system.

It saddens me to think that recruiting has really got to the stage of treating people so unkindly and with such little respect?

Recruiters, this is how I might be feeling?

  • I have spent time creating my CV to try and share over 30 years of work experience on just 2/3 pages – that is not easy believe me!
  • I am not a “single job title”, as recruiters the inconsistency for job titles is frightening. But, I am guided to only apply for jobs that are “similar” to what I have done before.
    I might want a career change?
    I also have many transferable skills, and may not fit in a single “tick box”
  • As much as you don’t have time to read all the CV’s I don’t always have time to rewrite my CV for every job I apply for.
    I have often been asked for my CV and a supporting statement, and a covering letter. They take time to do properly and I have sometimes spent hours putting in an application to get a “no thank you automated email” stating after “due consideration”. Have you really read my CV, statement and covering letter?
  • I have tried to only apply for jobs/companies where I think I would want to work. I am not just firing off my CV. I look closely at the job description, if available and if not I request it, and then I start with viewing the company website, social media and reviews before I ask myself a lot of other questions;
    • do I know anyone that works there?
    • are they an ethical company?
    • are they a good company to work for?
    • will I fit in with the team?
    • will I want to travel hours to work and will that work for me and them?
    • will I be remunerated fairly for my skills and knowledge?
    • will I be in a company that invests in their people and helps them develop?
    • Shall I go on and apply….?

Respect is two-way

I have always shown respect to recruiters, I am courteous with my applications, I have shared very personal information, my life’s work, my experience, my aspirations, where I want my career to go, my salary expectations and so much more. I believe and put my trust in you to help me find my next career destination.

Is this why it hurts when that is met with an automated dismissal?

When did recruiting become so unkind?

I understand that I may not be the right person, have relevant skills or experience? However, I cannot learn from zero feedback, even if that is negative feedback.  Any feedback should been received as a gift, especially when you are looking for a job, it is the time that you most need it.

Please remember that for every job you post there is a real person that will apply. They may have reasons for wanting to find a job that requires more/less salary, more/less experience, more/less responsibility.

When someone applies for a job please consider that their life or circumstances may have changed, their CV is only a record of what has happened and doesn’t show what they want for their future, what their aspirations and motivations may be and that a change in career could be the best and most wonderful opportunity for that individual and their future employer.

Perhaps a little more kindness in our world is needed.



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