IWD2019 – The women in my life

Another day! I know so many of us will be posting and sharing the hastag #IWD2019. I have been composing a blog in my head for sometime and just needed to put it down for others to read, but it does scare me to do this…


I have so many incredible women in my life.  Some have come into my life for a short period of time, where others have been in my ife for over 30 years…

How do I single out anyone without offending others.  I never consider any woman that I meet, have worked with, or laer become friends with to be anything but wonderful and they are all special, in their own individual way.

I have met some women that have frightened me, been aggressive, strong, unfriendly and not my type of person.  Not because there is anything wrong with them, but that I can’t personally be friends with women and some men that remind me of difficult situations that I have been through.

I like to like everyone! and for them to like me

Not always a good place to be as it leaves me vulnerable to the bullies and the unkind.  I might not share with everyone my life experiences or things that have happened to me, but I have had times in my life that have been difficult.  I instinctly know who I can trust and if I can share with.  I have learnt who will “look after my trust” as I have got it wrong sometimes in the past.

So, back to women in my life, who have been such an influence….

Firstly the most inspirational woman in my life has been my Mum.  She hasn’t been out of the home building an empire of a business, she didn’t go to University but started work at 16 in London. and she has achieved on a mega scale.

She raised 4 children with my Dad, and all of her children have turned out to be pretty decent human beings. (well I think so anyway!)

My sisters are caring and loving ladies, my Big Sis is a Health Visitor and has worked for the NHS for over 35 years, and my twin sister is a health care worker and has raised a disabled son on her own for 23 years.  They both give everyday to their community, family and friends and I am just so proud of them.

My brothers wife (who is like a sister) has Lupus and daily copes with the symptoms of her often hidden and evil illness.

Lastly, but not least is my daughter… She is just “everything” a mum could ask for and I know she will be a strong, intelligent, confident young woman and I can’t wait to see where her life takes her.  I will be the super proud woman standing and watching, and there if and when she needs her Mum.

My friends…

I am so lucky to have a number of true friends, and I really mean true friends. In no particular order, here are some of my friends…

Ruth – for over 30 years she has been the best friend you could ask for.  We don’t speak everyday as we have some distance between us but she is there and I know that we will always be there for each other.

Suz – we met through work, this wonderfully funny, intelligent lady makes me laugh and cry.

Jude – this incredible lady who has been in my life for a shorter time than some of my friends but she will be around for the long haul, kind, intelligent and just “lovely”

Sally – I think my dog loves her move than me, but only just.  A kinder lady you will struggle to find in life and guess what she is my friend.

Gemma, Jackie, Maria – meeting when our children were babies they are the friends that got me through the school gate bullying, helped me raise my children when you struggle to know if you are getting it right with their friendship that will last a lifetime.

Rosemary – gentle, kind, funny and just simply awesome

Sarah – our friendship started when our sons started playing rugby and we have never looked back.  She is my vodka buddy, dear friend and confidant.

Gaelle and Joann – we met over the garden fence and have been friends ever since… prosecco, ricard, laughter, tears and love will keep us friends forever…

Why only a handful…

Why have I only mentioned a few when I know 1000’s of women?  Well, not all the women I know are friends.

Some are friends with me for reasons only they know why.  I do wonder sometimes why I get a friend request when they don’t actually do anything more that be a connection in my life.

I know that not everyone will want to communicate by Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media and I am not one for just having friends to show that I am popular.  I don’t think of myself as popular, not many people know me that well, so why do you want to be friends with me?

But to of all the women that I am connected with, I promise

  • I will respect you
  • I will wish you a healthy life
  • I will wish you to have the confidence and self-esteem to fulfill your dreams
  • I will offer you kindness
  • I wil offer my friendship
  • I will offer you my ears to listen
    and I would love and expect this in return. 

Women who empower other women
are my kind of women

Happy International Women’s Day 2019

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2 thoughts on “IWD2019 – The women in my life

  1. Well Debs, you made me cry with that. What you are girl is brave and authentic and the kindest heart I know. Keep on being all those things, darling Debs, Ruth x

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