A parents check list for Uni!


No!, just no…. I was not prepared for the emotions, cost, equipment and excitement that comes with preparing myself for my first-born to leave the nest and start Uni.

My son, having just had his birthday, a memory “kick up the bum” that I now have a 19-year-old,  who is about to depart to University.

I am tearful, happy, excited, worried and anxious all at the same time. My body and mind are both exhausted as the day approaches and I have to deal with a whole new world ahead of me without seeing him everyday.

It feels like weeks since I started the list of things needed!  Yes, I did say “I”! I love a list, but clearly my teenage son has not learnt the valuable lesson of list making as I have… Got to have a list right?

So, our list has grown, the bank balance has been depleted but we are now nearly ready to go.  We will soon be making the dreaded drive to Uni for our allocated time slot to move our son into his room.

A number of friends have given us ideas for Uni life, what he will need and what I will need so I thought I would share, in the hope that it might help you and if I have missed anything you can comment and give me the heads up to add to the list.  Any additions will be credited of course.

So here we go…..

Equipment and so much more… (dog not included)

Uni2Bedding, pillows, duvet, blanket, mattress protector

TV, laptop, PS4 (not to be used of course!), phone, chargers, extension cable, cards and chips (essential for bonding with flat mates)

Plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils, chopping boards, can opener, scissors, lasagne dish, colinder (from Kristy)

Tea-towels, towels, bedside lamp, rug, bath mat, toilet brush, dirty washing bag, door stop, hangers

Box of cleaning products, washing powder, wipes, toilet cleaner, toilet rolls

Saucepans, frying pan, slow cooker, sandwich toaster

Food – tinned soup, sauces, pasta, rice, tomato ketchup, tinned fruit, beer and Uni Cook Book, box of chocolates to greet and make new friends

Stationery – pens, pads, highlighters, filing unit, desk tidy

Clothes – t-shirts, jeans, shorts, fleece, waterproof, sports gear (lot’s of this as doing Sports and Science Degree!)

First Aid kit – paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, resolve, imodium, germaline, deep heat


Small heart (acquired from Polka Dots and Roses)UniHeart

Small enough to fit in his hand or pocket so he can get some comfort and love if and when he needs it.

Re-mortgage application form to pay for “said child being educated”….

Separate Student bank account for food money…

Vaccinations (MenACWY) and MMR – make sure all boosters and vaccinations are up to date

Official documents – medical records, passport, driving licence

Find out where your nearest GP surgery is and get them register as soon as they can.

Send them off with lots of love and cuddles….

For Parents…

Lots of Tissues, Bottle of Prosecco (other beverages are available) and a shoulder to cry into when you leave to head home…

Most of this list is serious, and there are a few lighter comments, but generally a good checklist I hope?

Good luck my darling boy, keep in touch and enjoy this amazing opportunity…

5 thoughts on “A parents check list for Uni!

  1. I am in tears on your behalf reading this – maybe I am relieved Em says she isn’t going to live away for uni but plans to stay local!

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