Working from home

Working from home
Having worked from home for many years now, I am a strong supporter and advocate that flexible working for parents is the way forward.  I was Highly Commended back in 2009 for working from home with the Remote Employment Awards sponsored by BT, showing that I could successfully work from home and I have shown a number of employers the benefits from a flexible approach to employment.

It was way back in June 2014, new rights to flexible working laws were introduced in the UK, declaring that all employees – who have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks – are eligible to request flexible working, including the option of working from home.

In a time of constantly evolving technology, it’s never been easier to access information away from the office, so encouraging employers to embrace the opportunity as a way to boost happiness and productivity among their employees is a must.

Of course, for many across the UK,  for  hundreds of single parents, carers, injured veterans and those living with disabilities, working from home is a necessity.

Here are a few reasons to consider it!

  • Money – Not only would you save money on travel costs – train tickets, petrol, parking, etc. – but not eating out for lunch on a regular basis is bound to save you some pennies too. For parents, it gives the opportunity to radically reduce the costs of childcare.
  • Commute – Forget about delayed trains or road traffic dampening your spirits.
  • Comfort – Rather than donning a power suit or being restricted to a desk all day, choose your own dress code and working environment.
  • Green Living – Working from home can help reduce your carbon footprint, conserve office space for your employer, and perhaps most importantly, allow you to be the master of your own environment!
  • Freedom/Flexibility – Having the freedom to choose your hours  while not being dragged in and out of corporate meetings all day is something that could potentially boost your overall moral and work ethic. Not to mention it allows you to create that ideal work/life balance.

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