The best ever Twitter Party #CAWParty

Have you been to an twitter party? I have been to a few and I love them…

BUT last night was very special with the #CAWParty. #WatchMeFly

Childrens Activity Association - Twitter Party

Over 140,000 children are taking part in Children’s Activities Week 2018
at over 10,000 kids’ classes and groups across the UK!

This fabulous twitter party last night was to raise awareness and build the excitement for the Children’s Activities Week next week.

With a massive 6.7million impressions and reaching nearly 250,000 twitter accounts

CAWParty trending on twiitter

The party trended on twitter at #4 and #5 with #CAWParty AND also #CAW2018 for most of the hour with over 1000 tweets and RTs

Some of the amazing people involved  were @ClaritaDigital and @MediaSnug alongside @ChildrensAAssoc, @CaudwellKids and @WhatsOn4KidsUK.

With a winner and congratulations to the ‘dare to share’ flying costume winners @ShootingStarsFA who won a fabulous coastal break with ClassBiz and @FrenzyYTheatre and @KidsLingoUK who win Gazillion Bubbles goodies

Some of the tweets from #CAWParty  showing a small sample of the support for Children’s Activities Week

If you couldn’t join the #CAWParty? Here’s just a tiny taster of some of what you missed out on!

@trudibeswick – Caudwell Children – Lovely chatting to you all and inspiring to see your passion for your businesses and children’s development. Looking forward to a wonderful week and hopefully working with you all in the future! #cawparty#caw2018 – I’m off to practice my floss!

@Our_H_Future An absolute honour to be part of this!

@sidsloane Wow this party is trending! #CAWParty#CAW2018

@MortonMichel We can’t wait!!! It’s going to be fabulous!

@BabySensoryHQ As founding members of the CAA we are incredibly moved by the enthusiasm we’ve seen towards #CAW2018. Good luck to all of our fellow children’s activities providers, we can’t wait to see what you all come up with throughout the week! #CAWparty#watchmefly

@classbizglobal Is anyone else’s twitter notifications going off quicker than they can keep up with? Well done to the #CAWParty for hosting a CRAZY hour

@MortonMichel Well, that was the quickest hour ever! Great to hear your exciting plans and see your fantastic #watchmefly costumes! We are thrilled to be a big part of #caw2018! Keep practising the ‘Copy Sid’ dance and we will see you next week #cawparty#worldrecordattempt

@Boogie_Monsters Oh no so sad the #CAWParty is over – the Boogie Monster is in his tux and has only just got warmed up! #caw2018

And finally, me!

@DebEditor Thank you for a fantastic hour, that has truly been one of the best twitter chats #CAWParty#CAW2018 brilliant, good luck next week, not that you will need it.

I was even brave enough to respond  to the challenge of filming and sharing the floss! Thanks Anne-Marie from diddi dance!

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