Christmas titbits that are toxic treats

Food that is poisonous to dogsChristmas means indulging in our favourite festive foods. During the party season the majority of us tuck into a traditional meal of turkey, Christmas pudding and snack on chocolate, Christmas cake and mince pies, whilst enjoying a tipple or two!

Pet owners, naturally like to share the spirit and treat their pets to a few tit-bits but they should be careful. Many dog owners weren’t aware of some of the foods that can be harmful to their pooch. They should also beware as their pets can be quite canny at pilfering these delicious delights when their back is turned! Many poisonous foods feature heavily during the festive period which can have adverse effects on your dog.

Toxic treats your pet should avoid this Christmas!

A nice sizable turkey is bound to take pride of place on your table this Christmas. Most of us will continue to enjoy leftovers for some time afterwards. However, it’s best to keep them for sandwiches not the dog!

In January,  helplines are usually inundated with calls about pets with an upset stomach or dogs showing symptoms of pancreatitis. Fatty meats can cause this, so be mindful when sharing your turkey feast. Another hazard is the turkey bones.  Bones from poultry can splinter and lodge in a dog’s throat or cause internal tearing in the digestive tract. So don’t think you’re being cruel but kind by not giving in.

Food that is poisonous to dogs

Not only do we typically eat Christmas pudding on Christmas day, but throughout the festive period there is an abundance of mince pies not to mention the Christmas cake too! These are all traditional essentials for a sweet Christmas treat but many pet owners don’t know that dogs should avoid eating raisins.

Dogs affected by grapes or raisin toxicosis can develop vomiting, lethargy or diarrhoea. As signs progress, dogs become increasingly dehydrated, can refuse to eat and may show a transient increase in urination followed by decreased or absent urination in later stages.

Be aware that as well as fruit, cake can also contain alcohol particularly soaked fruit cakes carry a risk. A hungry dog can devour a cake within minutes, and if there is a significant amount of spirit in the mix, that’s quite a quantity of alcohol. Keep fruit cakes well out of the reach of the family pet.

Opportunist puppies might also take sips out of drinks if glasses are left around unattended. If you are entertaining or preoccupied with family, keep an eye on where drinks are left and try to ensure they are not accessible to your pet.

Nuts and dips are popular appetisers during the Christmas party season. If you are entertaining keep these refreshments out of the way of your dog.  Dog owners didn’t realise that avocado can be harmful to dogs and with guacamole being a popular choice to accompany party food nibbles it’s a cause for concern. Nuts, in particular macadamia nuts can also cause lethargy, weakness and even cause dogs to collapse when eaten in moderate amounts. Nuts could also pose as a potential choking hazard.

If you want to get your pet a gift, we recommend treating them with our dog treats, which are low fat, hypo allergenic and 100% natural. If you do want to give them leftovers, then vegetables and little pieces of cooked turkey are a safer snack.

Another alternative healthy treat is nice long walks. While you’re off work for the holidays, take advantage of your spare time and treat your dog to extra leisurely strolls. Your pet is bound to appreciate the extra attention and exercise, plus it benefits both your waistlines!

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