The Children’s Activities Association – doing the checks so you don’t have to!

The CAA is a not-for-profit association promoting excellence and raising standards across children’s activities, clubs and classes.

As parents we spend considerable amounts of time and money at organised activities for our little ones, we make great friends, watch our children develop, learn new skills and have LOTS of fun.

But how do you know who are the best? There’s so many to choose from and how can you be sure class leaders are properly qualified? What about things like insurance, health & safety and police checks?

Sue from Sussex said

‘One swimming teacher pushed my son into the pool when he was reluctant to join in, another insisted that my daughter submerged her face in the water, even though it kept making her sick. I just presumed they must be qualified and so knew what they were doing but I didn’t even check. I am embarrassed to say now that actually I have never asked to see any credentials or paperwork of any of my kids’ activity providers – just thought there must be some sort of regulation in place – like with their nurseries’

It’s easy to make the assumption like Sue that surely there must be proper comprehensive guidelines in place for children’s activity providers to follow but that is NOT the case which is why the launch of CAA accreditation is such great news for everyone!

An expert team including some of the UK’s leading activity providers have come together to form the CAA to raise standards, celebrate excellence and ensure parents can easily make informed choices about the classes and clubs their children attend for the first time.

So next time you go to your class or club make sure you ask if they are a member of the CAA and if they aren’t, ask why not. Looking for a new activity to enjoy with your little one? Just look for the CAA logo and get peace of mind.

For a list of the brilliant activity providers and experts involved already just visit

Founding Members include Baby Sensory, Creation Station, diddi dance, Dr Amanda Gummer, Enjoy-a-Ball, Morton Michel, Rhythm Time, Sing and Sign, Tatty Bumpkin, Tumble Tots, Water Babies, What’s On 4 and Sid Sloane, CBeebies presenter, M.D and Founder OSL Theatre productions

“I have made a career from working with, entertaining and empowering children for the last 15 years and with so much to choose from the huge variety of activities now available, parents can struggle to discern the best for their child. So I am delighted to support and influence the Children’s Activities Association – the first independent expert-led organisation to promote excellence and ensure standards across the children’s activities sector.

Just look for their logo!”

Children's Activities Association



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