Why judging at the mumandworking awards is such an honour

Why judging at the mumandworking awards is such an honour

I am not a stranger to the mumandworking awards, having been involved as judge and media partner for a few years now, but I must declare that the 2015 mumandworking awards is the best to date.

This year the team at mumandworking have gone beyond excellent, as the 2015 Awards ceremony, hosted at the RBS Building with Natwest Business and sponsored by Build14Me, was everything an awards ceremony should be, professional, passionate, inspiring and above all recognising and awarding exceptional men and women in business.


There are so many 2015 award finalists that the link here will let you see exactly who won on the day, the highly commended and all those nominated within each category. With twice as many nominations this year, the awards are clearing growing in desirability.

My day at mumandworking Awards

I had the honour of judging the Most Inspiring Business Parent 2015.  This award is based on the criteria “For any parent running a flexible business who has struggled against adversity and triumphed despite the odds”.

Before I get to the awards ceremony I aim to speak to the nominees personally to hear their story in their own words.  Listening to these inspiring individuals is an honour and one of the most humbling experiences.

The nominees are truly inspirational and amazing.  This is such an emotional award, but it also represents to me what incredible strength parents can find deep down and that they make every effort to share with others either in a similar situation or just to give back to the community or their family.

I would like to outline the 6 nominees to you.  I believe everyone of them is a winner and truly do believe that each person nominated deserved to win, and it was incredibly difficult for me to choose one overall winner.

The Winners

WINNER – Ian Brember Big Hat Bushcamp

Winner Big Hat Bushcamp of the Most Inspiring Business Parent Award 2015

Ian, who was a British Army officer, has overcome the worst parent nightmare, the loss of a child.  Hearing Ian’s story about the birth of his son and how this joyous occasion was shattered by being told his child had a life limiting condition was heart breaking.  Ian chose to leave his job to spend as much time as he could with Sean. After 18 precious months little Sean passed away.  But this incredibly sad time gave Ian the inspiration to create his outdoor adventure company so he could help families to create special times and memories with each other. Clearly Ian is showing us all how you can obtain that work/life balance that parents crave.


Jen’s story is a harrowing one of how domestic violence can be so destructive.  But her inspiration, courage and love she is overwhelming. When she finally found the courage to let others know of her plight, and to protect her little girl, her mum was there to support her. As a mum myself,  knowing something was wrong and not being able to do anything about it must have been heart-breaking.  Jen will inspire so many others and help them to realise that there is a better, safer life and by using her teaching skills has created an amazing place for parents and their children to create positive and fun memories to last a lifetime.


HIGHLY COMMENDED – Jessamine Hislop-Newton Little Pickles Markets

Jessamine Hislop-Newton Little Pickles Markets

Jess became a first time mum at the age of 17, being flexible and providing for her family was so strong in this young lady from the outset. Now with 5 children Jess has shown that you can provide for your family as a single parent and with the love and support of her own mum and dad she created a business that supports mums at root level to earn their own income, build their self-esteem and provide for their family in a flexible way that works for them. Jess lost her father during recently but I know that he would be looking down with the utmost pride.


VIP FINALIST – Louise Watson The AbFab Academy

What an inspirational woman Louise is, having spent many years dealing with abusive relationships and personal lifestyle challenges, she has overcome some traumatic times and now uses her experiences to help others believe in themselves.  Her main message to me was “not to blame anyone else, but to forgive those that had hurt her.  For her this meant that she could forgive and move on to help others.

VIP FINALIST – Amanda Reeve Bugs n Bones

Coping with a new baby is not always as beautiful and perfect as portrayed in the media. The true fact is that many women suffer from severe post-natal depression and Amanda has struggled with and overcome her life changing depression and anxiety.  Supported by her mum to start her business, Amanda sadly lost her mum to lung cancer last year but she dug incredibly deep to keep going and will have made her mum incredibly proud with her bravery and determination to keep growing her business.

VIP FINALIST – Jayne Hardy The Blurt Foundation

Dealing with depression before you embark on having your own family is brave, as not knowing if you will cope is scary anyway, without being terrified of the phone or not looking after your own health, to then meet the demands of a new baby is a huge challenge. But respect and admiration for Jayne is the only way to look at her bravery to have her own child, then share her experiences and feelings within the world of social media, knowing that this audience can have the potential to be cruel and unkind about depression. However, Jayne has turned her personal challenges to help others to share and not feel alone.

Please support these amazing people by visiting their sites, connecting with them on social media and above all be inspired by their stories.

Talking of Inspiring People!

As well as many inspiring nominees at the mumandworking awards, I was very fortunate to be in the company of some truly incredible speakers and some of them sitting alongside me at the top table.  I truly was in awesome company, check out this amazing list of inspiring women.

The event was hosted by the lovely Lucy Piper with VIP’s and judges…

  • Caprice Bourett – CEO of By Caprice products
  • Annabel Karmel MBE
  • Naomi Timperley – Director 4Hub
  • Anne-Marie Martin – Managing Director and the Founder of the diddi dance
  • Jane Hopkins MBE – http://www.mumsclub.co.uk
  • Susannah Schofield – Managing Director of software company Dice Matrix Consulting Ltd.
  • Nicky Chisholm – founder and co-director of The Mumpreneurs Networking Club
  • Sara Guiel – founder and co-director of The Mumpreneurs Networking Club
  • Sam Willoughby – Founder & Director of What’s On 4

The Most Inspiring Business Parent 2015 award was sponsored by Amanda’s Action Club

About mumandworking Awards 2015

Why are these awards so special? They highlight amazing individuals, inspiring employers & the many advantages of flexible, family-friendly employment.

The 2015 awards were held on Tuesday 22 September 2015, Venue ~ RBS, 280 Bishopsgate, London and we enjoyed a fabulous, inspiring, empowering and memorable event!

Nominations for 2016 will open on February 1 2016! Read more..


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