Review : Heartlake City at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

I was invited to attend the press event of the official opening of the Heartlake City at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort on Saturday 30th May.

LEGO® Friends fans you are so in for a treat at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort with the new area that brings to life the vibrancy and fun of Heartlake City with exciting new attractions, an action packed live show AND an all new exciting equestrian themed ride, Mia’s Riding Adventure.

Our morning was an early start, arriving at around 8.30pm in the morning. But it was a lovely morning and a peaceful drive to the venue.  On arrival we were given our passes and goody bags and directed via the train to the Heartlake City. I have been to LEGOLAND before but it was lovely to see something new, fresh and pink!  My group consisted of my best friend Gemma and we had our two girls with us, both called Charlotte. We are all friends and have been for many years now, so it was a fun day out and we loved our first activity which was….

Mia ‘s Riding Adventure

Well, I have not been on a ride like this for a while and it looked like fun, so I sat astride my pony and felt a little confused and vulnerable, as the ride appeared at first glance to expect me to hold on, very tightly, to the handles.  I thought “I don’t feel very safe and we made a few funny faces at each other and laughing nervously”. Then I was reassured by the attendant and told to move my feet that I had hooked into the floor, as this was part of the ride structure that was coming up to secure me in, the relief!

The Mia’s Riding Adventure is simply fabulous. It was such fun, fast enough without being terrifying, especially for the younger children, and the wimpy mummy!.  It actually is quite fast enough and exciting without being an “OMG” moment and I did not want to get off. I really enjoyed it and all the little people around me were screaming with delight. I must say it was the best ride and one we went on over and over again.

Heartlake City coffee, croissant and show..

After a few quick rides, we were getting a bit peckish and headed to the restaurant where we got coffee, hot chocolate and croissants. Oh boy, did they taste good. the croissants were delicious. We were waiting for the Heartlake City show to start so we relaxed for a few minutes before heading over to join the crowds to watch the show.

We really enjoyed the show despite having older girls with me who were a bit self conscious, but it didn’t stop us enjoying the lively music, the storyline and the singing and dancing. I wish I was younger, as I did end up singing, dancing and bouncing about with a LEGOLAND member of the staff and we really enjoyed ourselves.  I could probably have done with a toddler to make it look like I was dancing with them, but actually as an adult it was great fun and surely that is what being at LEGOLAND is all about having fun whatever your age, so I will try not to be too embarrassed.

Heartlake City – making friends

As we walked around Heartlake City we found lots of amazing LEGO figures, the LEGO Friends Mia, Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Olivia which our girls loved and us adults did too, so we took some fabulous pictures as we made our new LEGO Friends! I also think the girls wished that the ice cream was real…. hence the visit the Emma’s ice-cream palour just behind the LEGO statue.

Well you do need a bit of ice cream to share when you are friends..

After the show we visited the Heartlake City shop and went on Mia’s Adventure Ride a few more times… we did ride this so many times I actually can’t remember the actual number.

I think that the Heartlake City is a wonderful addition to the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. It will most definitely appeal to the girl audience, without excluding the boys too much from the fun as well. The Mia’s ride is fabulous and will suit most children, giving them the thrill they seek without being too scary.  Little ones will certainly have a special day and be excited by the singing, dancing and the message clearly expressed about friendship.  Friends are special, and being a good friend is important and a life long valuable lesson to learn, and in my opinion the Heartlake City will give girls the chance to express their friendship and have lots of fun at the same time.

Definitely worth going to visit, you may make new friends or just spend time with the friends you already have, and above all have fun, enjoy and don’t be ashamed to sing along with the girls on the stage, I did!

Debbie Bird with her daughter Charlotte, friend Gemma and her daughter Charlotte
June 2015

About Heartlake City and “Friends to the Rescue” show

The all-new Heartlake City themed area opened on 23 May 2015 when visitors could step into the colourful world of the LEGO Friends. The unmistakeable exterior of the Heartlake Mall gives a stunning harbour-side backdrop for the exciting new live show ‘Friends to the Rescue!’ featuring Mia, Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Olivia. Fans can join the girls on an action packed adventure full of surprises and sing and dance along to their favourite LEGO Friends songs. Then guests can head over to the Heartlake City Express for a gentle train journey through the LEGO countryside, before taking a more energetic equestrian turn on Mia’s Riding Adventure. This horseback adventure spins riders through the air, travelling backwards and forwards on a circular spinning ‘race track’. Plus at Olivia’s House little LEGO builders can help build a home for one of Olivia’s pets and Emma’s Ice Cream Parlour will be dishing up some delicious desserts.

With over 55 family friendly rides and attractions to discover in 150 acres of beautiful parkland ‘awesome awaits’ at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

Check for full details.

Disclaimer : This review is from a press event and no payment was made. The press trip  extended our entrance to the park to enjoy the whole of the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for the remainder of the day.

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